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Norsk Urkorn AS

Norsk Urkorn AS

93 48 78 36

Øiestadveien 249


Norwegian Urkorn AS is owned and operated by Eirin and Allison Fagerås Petter Simonsen and Elin Hauge. We produce organic stone ground flour of urkorn; currently emmer, spelled and dala land wheat. The ancient grains are not adapted to modern industrial agricultural production, and therefore its original features intact, both with regard to nutritional content, taste and agronomic qualities. There is much to suggest that these ancient grains have high nutritional value, very interesting culture technical characteristics in a changing climate, and not least, very good baking qualities. We bake much even to test out different recipes and baking methods, and results can be found consecutively on our Facebook page. Our products can be purchased directly from our online store, from the farm shop on Øiestad or from our partner specialty shops. Our vision is 'from fertile soil, in harmony with nature'. The grain is grown on our own farms, Eastern Pope Stad in Southern Høland and eastern Øiestad in Trøgstad. Grain painted on stone grinder, competent handled by father and son Johansen at Hurum mill. We manage our lands with care and knowledge, based on long experience with local conditions on our farms. Organic grain production of top quality requires knowledge, focus and hard work. There are no shortcuts.

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