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MIJUKIĆ -PROM-sušionica mesa

MIJUKIĆ -PROM-sušionica mesa

00385 21 849 100

Runovići 242


MIJUKIĆ PROM, drying meat company was established in 2002.Our primary business is the production of dry-cured products, and we are in a short time become the leading company for the production of ham and bacon in our area. We have received many awards as another award for our production of superior quality products. All awards are extremely important, but we must emphasize the special prize at the First National Fair of prosciutto which was held in Sinj, where we recieved the first prize for the best Croatian prosciutto, and also the Days of Croatian prosciutto 2015 which were held in Podstrana near Split, where we won a champion prize for our Dalmatian prosciutto in Dalmatian/Drniš prosciutto category. We produce in a traditional way and every phase of production of the receipt, salting, smoking, ripening and high output of goods controlled by our professional staff in accordance with the HACCP system, which apply from the 2006 certified by SGS. We produce about 1200 tons of dried meat products of high quality (Dalmatian smoked ham, smoked ham, dry ham and Dalmatian bacon) We are equipped with the latest equipment which guarantees a high level of quality, and employ over 30 people at our plant. products: DALMATIAN PROSCIUTTO Geographical indications The word prosciutto comes from the Italian verb "prosciugare" meaning "dry." Prosciutto is in menus around the world during the time of the ancient Romans who knew this delicacy and every day is consumed. Prosciutto is well known for its light and aromatic taste, and we are not surprised that holds a place best known product in the category of traditional dried products. It is made from fresh pork leg with bone, and production begins massaging and salting. After salting hams are up to 10 days in the salt, and then go to presoljavanje standing for 10 days in the salt. After salting hams are washed to remove salt from the surface and then placed in a drying and smoking phase lasting up to 45 days. After smoking and drying the natural smoke and wind our ham gets its distinctive aroma that can give only Dalmatian Zagora, and moved to the cellars under specially controlled conditions of temperature, air flow and humidity. Time is one of the most important factors of production of ham. Even twelve months of salting, drying and zrijenja are required to get a taste of traditional Dalmatian ham. Ingredients: pork loin with bone, coarse sea salt No preservatives or additives Dalmatian pancetta The word bacon comes from the Italian word «pancia" which means "belly". Generally accepted name is a very tasty product, for its gourmet properties since the Middle Ages. Inevitable item on Croatian menus for centuries, became the trademark of traditional cuisine Dalmatian hinterland. The recipe for production of pancetta has changed over the centuries, and each manufacturer creates their own. Our recipe is distinctive for the method of salting, drying and maturing of products. Carefully selected wood for smoking and perfect climate Dalmatian hinterland, which is imbued with cold and warm winds and also favors healthy drying and maturation of products, guarantee our customers the quality and uniqueness of Dalmatian bacon. The manufacturing process Dalmatian bacon largely depends on the human factor as the right flavor and color of the product can be obtained only aesthetic feeling acquired extensive experience. Smoke and wind as the main factors in Dalmatian pancetta recipe, are also inevitably linked to its color and flavor. The secret recipe Dalmatian bacon is in the ratio of time stay fresh pork belly in salt, the smoke, the wind and the maturation. The specific formulation guarantees a, we believe, the best and highest quality Croatian export products in the future .Prosciutto Prosciutto is durable cured meat product made from pork leg with bone, skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, without pelvic bones, dry salted with sea salt, smoked mild combustion of dry wood, and subjected to a process of drying and ripening for at least 12 months. Prosciutto is part of the hind legs pigs from the top of the femur to the beginning of the upper joint knuckle. This part of the meat in the first category quality meat parts pig. Due to its specific taste and unusual ways of getting considered one of the most original Croatian food products and thus has become an indispensable part of the offer of tourist, catering and even private offering not only in Dalmatia, but also the rest of the Croatian. Ingredients: pork loin with bone, salt Smoked ham Dry ham is cured meat product produced by special processing and salting pork leg, and his smoking and maturing over time in specific microclimate conditions. Controlled conditions of processing and drying result in top quality products.


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