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Masarnia Cekcyn Mirosław Łepek

Masarnia Cekcyn Mirosław Łepek
Kujawe i Pomorze


ul. Dworcowa 4


The Butcher’s is located in the centre of Bory Tucholskie forest and has been conducting its activities since 1965 with its own shop nearby. The Butcher’s manufactures traditional cold meats without any preservative or flavour enhancers and with the use of natural spices such as marjoram, salt, pepper, garlic and mustard. The raw products used for the production in Cekcyn include half carcasses obtained from nearby farms, which breed animals. The Butcher’s also offers such products as smoked country ham, sausage of Cekcyn and black pudding of the Bory Tucholskie forest. It is worth mentioning that the smoked country ham was awarded in a competition entitled Taste of the Year during the Festival of Taste I Gruczno in 2012.


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