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Manufaktura Piernika

Manufaktura Piernika
Lower Silesia


During the production of Gingerbread Wroclaw we base on a traditional recipe, and at the same time we use modern design while decorating them. All production from the beginning to the end is done manually. The dough is made of high quality ingredients such as: flour straight from the mill, ecological eggs, honey from a tested beekeeper and spices without the addition of preservatives. The ingredients come from local producers. The cakes are decorated with icing, which is applied by hand. The patterns of our decors are developed by students of the Academy of Fine Arts. It is a combination of tradition and modernity. Gingerbread cake is unique because it is very artistic, and working with it is a kind of art with incredible taste qualities. Our product is a manual craft. The tradition of baking gingerbread is closely related to Silesia, the first mention comes from 1293. Gingerbread cake is a cake with an incredible history, high symbolic power, this cake that does not like rush. Gingerbreads accompanied people in many important moments of life such as: birth of a child, on the occasion of a wedding, children at the beginning of the school year got gingerbread in the shape of letters of the alphabet, people gifted for Christmas and New Year gingerbread.


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