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Lokalna Grupa Działania Partnerstwo Ducha Gór - Skarbiec Ducha Gór

Lokalna Grupa Działania Partnerstwo Ducha Gór - Skarbiec Ducha Gór
Lower Silesia


ul. Konstytucji 3 maja 25


Treasury Mountain Spirit - Local Product Gallery is a place created by local producers and the association of LAG (The Local Action Group) The Mountain Spirit Partnership Foundation in October 2010. Local producers have the opportunity to present and bargain sales of their products. Treasury Mountain Spirit is a social initiative - the association provides room for the treasury activities, promotes the Treasury and manufacturers through the website and serves as a mentor, promoter and animator of the community towards local production. In the Treasury of the Mountain Spirit you have a chance to taste delicacies unprecedented anywhere else, that are prepared in small amounts, for exceptional guests and for special request. You are invited to taste sourdough: - bread wanted in the whole Jeleniogórska Valley, as it is baked in small amounts, only on Wednesdays and Sundays, - tasty goat’s cheese, - honeys, liquors, porterówka liquor, - leaven based old Polish sour rye soup, pierogi and unusual cakes, - delicious gingerbreads from Trzcińsko, impossible to find anywhere else, - and ecologically pure herbs, seeds and oils.


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