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Kozia Farma Złotna

Kozia Farma Złotna


Złotna 29


Ecological certified farm Kozia Farma Złotna in its own cheese house produces products from goat milk farmed on the farm. Goats are fed with organic fodder - from grasses, through hay, straw and grain. They are run in the so-called open breeding: they go out to the meadows themselves and when they want. So they have a lot of freedom and access to fresh air, which affects the quality of milk. It is very important that the milk is collected on site and processed immediately after milking. It is not drained, transported from distant places. All products are processed in a closed cycle from their own raw material. The dairies produces all milk products: yogurt, kefir, ricotta, cottage cheese, rennet cheese, smoked cheese, hard ripened cheese and blue cheese. In total, about 20 kinds of cheese are currently produced. All stages of production are subject to certification: fields, animals and cheese-making. The recipients of cheese are individual customers, shops, hotels, agritourism and restaurants.

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