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Karamel Kompagniet

Karamel Kompagniet


Hjørnet af Brøddegade - Holkavej


Karamel Kompagniet Denmark’s first toffee-making workshop can be found at the corner of Brøddegade and Holkavej in the heart of Gudhjem. The shop is furnished in proper English style, with windows looking into the old shiny toffee boiler so that shop patrons can see – and smell – how cream caramels, cocoa toffee, liquorice toffee, mocha toffee, mint toffee and caramel lollies are created. And taste the warm, soft toffee and caramels that melt on your tongue – just like the ones Anna’s grandmother made at home over the gas stove in England when Anna was a little girl.

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