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JANTAR Januszewski Tadeusz

JANTAR Januszewski Tadeusz


Przygorzele 1, 46-112 Świerczów,


The farm is located in Stobrawski National Park, which was founded September 28, 1999 year. The area of the farm is 66 acres, including 55 acres of fruit orchards. The aim of creating the Stobrawski Landscape Park is to protect the number of animals, birds and plants. There have been located, the conservation of birds wetland under the name "Central Valley Oder River". It is clean and not industrialized environment. Fruits and vegetables used in the factory come from our own organic farm. The farm offers a large selection of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Processing offers a wide selection of products processed into juice (strawberry, peach, plum, apricot, apple, tomato, pear and cherry); pickles from fruits and vegetables; salads and salads, purees, fruit - vegetables, jams, preserves, brine, silage. In 2008, I opened my business in order to process the obtained yields of fruits and vegetables on the site in accordance with '' THE SHORTEST WAY- FROM THE FIELD TO THE TABLE ". In 2010, I joined the CULINARY HERITAGE of EUROPEAN NETWORK and process fruit and vegetable produced in a traditional way . Machinery and equipment used for production are traditional, although manufactured today. In 2010, I got the organic certyficat in the US that allows me to deliver products to that market. I hold Polish organic certified since 2008. Nowadays the company produces 400 tons: juices, fruit and vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables on the market. We plan to increase the size of my production to 1,200 tons per year. the age of orchards is from 2 to 5 years. Each year the harvest of fruit will increase, which will allow the multiplication of production.


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