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Hotel Tumski & Barka Tumska

Hotel Tumski & Barka Tumska
Lower Silesia


Wyspa Słodowa 10


Just off Tumski Hotel we moored a phenomenal barge. Between the islands of the historic Ostrów Tumski there drifts an undisturbed, dazzling with splendour, intriguing Tumski Barge. For several years it beckons and amazes with unique warmth both residents of Wroclaw and guests from outside of the capital region. Why is our restaurant so exceptional? Tumski Barge is the only YEARLONG restaurant of this type on water in Wroclaw. Keeping with the urban plan of Oder renewal, we have prepared for you an absolutely unique place, both in the scale of town and the whole region. Here you can slowly sip your drink, filling your eyes with beautiful landscape of Ostrów Tumski, or try perfect dishes based on local, traditional products from the Lower Silesia, such as the Kłodzki trout and asparagus. In our floating restaurant food melts in your mouth!


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