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Hotel i Karczma "Spichrz"

Hotel i Karczma "Spichrz"
Kujawe i Pomorze

ul. Mostowa 1


Granary Hotel Tavern is one of the most beautifully restored historic Torun. On the south side of the hotel borders and Vistula Boulevard Philadelphia, and on the east side of the street bridges - once one of the main streets of Toruń. The hotel itself is arranged in the interior dwuskrzydłowego, czterokondygnacyjnego Swedish granary from 1719. The building has renovated floors, renovated lift mechanism with a big winch and extending beyond the tower walls. These distinctive details make hotel and restaurant Pearl on the map of the Old Town. Granary has been awarded prizes Chief Conservator "well-kept property" and the Mayor of Toruń "Object of the Year 2003/2004". He won it in a competition, "Modernization of the year 2003". Recurring evenings actor, co-organized with the Theatre. William Horzyca and "Bajem Pomeranian 'gather crowds of visitors, and the November campaign" Kujawsko-Pomeranian goose on St. Martin 'inscribed for good in the restaurant calendar of events. Reception tel. +48 56 65 71 140 tel. kom. +48 603 381 498 fax +48 65 71 144 e-mail: Inn tel. +48 56 65 71 146 Manager tel. +48 56 65 71 141 tel. kom. +48 693 296 859 e-mail: Owner e-mail:


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