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Hotel Dębowy

Hotel Dębowy
Lower Silesia


ul. Korczaka 4


The restaurant of Dębowy Hotel is situated in two stylish and precisely restored dining rooms: ballroom and kredensowa room. There is also another part of the restaurant- sunny and intimate veranda. Our guests can savour the taste of traditional Polish dishes in a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Efforts made by the chef will make your stay at our restaurant a real feast. Among many extraordinary dishes prepared by our exquisite chef we especially recommend those, which you cannot find anywhere else. Despite being delicious, each one of them is a masterpiece per self. The bar in Dębowy Hotel is a quiet and cosy place. You can find here a wide selection of beverages, alcohols, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like also wines. The atmosphere in the bar is created by the décor as well as suitably selected music.


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