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Hotel "Pałac Romantyczny"

Hotel "Pałac Romantyczny"
Kujawe i Pomorze

ul. Toruńska 1


The palace and park complex in Turzno near Toruń is the gem of the region. The construction of the palace was started in the first half of the 19th century basing on the project of a well known architect Henryk Marconi. It was completed about 1860; the style of the building is eclectic with clearly visible Neo-Renaissance elements. At the request of Augustyn Działowski, Henryk Marconi also designed the park, the gate, the garden house and the smithy. At the beginning of the 20th century the last pre-war owner of the estate extended the palace. Until now, apart from the palace, the large park, the gate and the garden house built as a small castle are preserved. The palace is surrounded by an English style park. The palace in Turzno was always the mainstay of patriotism. Such famous families as Zboińscy, Jeżewscy, Działowscy and Gajewscy cared for it. The patriotic spirit of the Turzno court attracted many eminent guests. Among them was Frederic Chopin who came to Turzno in 1825 at the invitation of Augustyn Działowski. The “Marconi” palace restaurant can service 150 persons. The culinary art master who promotes Slow Food surprises with the uniqueness of dishes prepared only from carefully selected products from local suppliers, for example the meat of the Kołuda geese from the Zakład Doświadczalny Instytutu Zootechniki Państwowego Instytutu Badawczego (Experimental Unit of the Zootechnics Institute of the State Research Institute) in Kołuda Wielka. From among the served dishes we recommend: - quarter of an oat goose, - oat goose roulade, - smoked Kołuda goose carpaccio, - sauerkraut soup with goose meat. Reception Tel. 56 642 31 00 Fax. 56 642 31 60 E-mail: Marconi Restaurant Tel. 56 642 31 30 Marketing Department Tel. 56 642 31 45 Tel. 56 642 31 46 E-mail: Purchase Department Tel. 56 642 31 25 E-mail:


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