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Gute Rosteri

Gute Rosteri

Mobil:+46 768 66 34 09

Barlingbo Stava 300


- About us - Gute Rosteri is a coffee roaster from Gotland with a focus on quality. We were founded in 2016 by Jelle Van Echelpoel who is, among other things, Swedish Master in Coffee Art. Gute Rosteri is located ten kilometers east of Visby at Stafva Gård in Barlingbo. To achieve the highest possible quality, we work at Gute Rosteri with coffee from all over the world. Our range is constantly changing in our search for the highest taste experience. In our search, we always value social conditions and that the coffee is grown with ecologically sustainable methods, as we are convinced that this results in higher quality. We who work with Gute Rosteri have worked with coffee for many years and are proud coffee nerds. We spend a lot of time finding the best beans, updating our knowledge of brewing and learning even more about how coffee is grown in the best way. All this so you can enjoy a better cup of coffee.


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