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Gotlandsgårdens Konfektyr

Gotlandsgårdens Konfektyr


När Maldes 320A


Welcome to my "Chocolaterie" in the parish of När! Good chocolates with taste of Gotland! The company started on Gotland in 2002, but with a different owner from the beginning. I, Ann-Charlotte, bought the company before the summer of 2010. We manufacture many of the flavorings to the truffles with ingredients from the the garden and nature. We don´t use nuts in our pralines. We have renovated an old warehouse on the farm and that is where we manufacture and sell our products. One of my dreams has always been to manufacture chocolates. I've learned not to put off something until tomorrow because you do not know how long you are here on this earth. And this has driven me to this total conversion of my life, so when I got the chance to take over the company, I could not say no and had the opportunity to fulfil my dreams. Our chocolates are also available at the local supermarket in När, Destination Gotland, Margus farmshop in Hablingbo, Kränku, Creperiet and Wisby Ost (cheese-shop) in Visby.


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