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Gospodarstwo rolne Elżbieta i Wojciech Pysiak

Gospodarstwo rolne Elżbieta i Wojciech Pysiak

Zdziechów 14


Festive Brawn and Zdziechów Ham are fine processed-meat products which have received a number of awards in national competitions. They have been manufactured for over 80 years in Zdziechów, a small locality in the Zakrzew commune, according to an old family recipe handed down from generation to generation. Traditional stuff with no artificial additives or preservatives, combined with traditional production methods, makes for a unique taste which brings memories of the past. The processed-meat products manufacted on a small scale by the Pysiak family are typical local products so popular with customers that their demand exceeds supply. In recognition of their extraordinary meat products, the Pysiak family has received an array of awards and distinctions, including “The Best Polish Food Producer of 2009”, “Product of the Year 2009” awarded at the Radom Business Gala, and “The Granite Tulip” awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Radom Area. In 2012 and 2013, these products were entered onto the List of Traditional Products kept by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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