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Gospodarstwo Rolne Bio Partners Snails Garden- ekologiczna hodowla ślimaków

Gospodarstwo Rolne Bio Partners Snails Garden- ekologiczna hodowla ślimaków
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Rydzówka 13/2


"Snail ecological saves from extinction population winniczka harvested so far in Poland with nature. An additional advantage of snail farming is that with a small acreage of land, this kind of culture is already cost-effective and profitable. Breeding snail has the advantage over other known in Poland cultures (pigs, poultry, etc.) that occupies a small area and does not require large amounts of money, kept in proper hygienic conditions is not troublesome odor and is not associated with a physical exercise. Snail farming in organic farming shall comply with the requirements of a given species, providing freedom of movement and comfort, and as far as possible be similar to the natural conditions of life. It is recommended that it take place in areas in the open air or in greenhouses, and the number of animals should be limited. Breeding snails BIO, outside the periods of reproduction, hibernation, and incubation take place only inside the building is prohibited. However, in case of unfavorable climatic conditions, affecting animals, snails can be temporarily transferred to the building. Snails are exported, among others, Spain, Italy and France. Gregory and Mariola Skalmowscy lead the premier company on the European scale - "Eko Snails Garden" and would like to return to the Polish snails tables - recipes for snails can be found in the first Polish cookbook from the late seventeenth century.


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