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Gospodarstwo Rolne „Nad Arem”

Gospodarstwo Rolne „Nad Arem”


Kierźliny 7


Our enterprise specializes in goat breeding and goat milk processing. We have a dairy which processes the milk obtained from the goats bred on our farm. We can then be sure that the products we offer are of a great value. Goat breeding and goat milk processing have always been a part of Warmia’s tradition. Tradition and nature are our primary concerns. Our goats are grazed on the Warmian meadows, where they can stay as long as weather conditions are favourable. On our farm we try to combine tradition and modernity. We produce traditional goods such as goat’s milk cheese, goat’s cottage cheese and butter according to old recipes. At the same time we try to take advantage of modern technology, e.g. a new home dairy which was set up according to the current standards of the European Union.

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