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Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Wiktoria Kobylińska

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Wiktoria Kobylińska
Warmia Mazury Powisle


ul. Kopernika 24


The history of the honey bee farm dates back to the beginning of the 1970s. The motto of the apiary is “the quality of honey above all.” Thanks to migratory beekeeping, very tasty monofloral honey is obtained. The range of products includes the so-called “creamed honey” which, thanks to its consistency, is easy to be scooped up and spread – children love it. The apiary is located in the heart of Warmia, in the territory of an organic farm situated in a most beautiful, picturesque and, above all, ecologically clean area. In the apiary there is mainly nectar, pollen, etc. from ecological areas and crops. There is also monofloral honey from plants such as common dandelions, wild raspberries, alder buckthorns, cornflowers, lime trees, buckwheat and clovers. The honey satisfies the expectations of the most demanding consumers, who express their admiration for this product by often describing it as unique.


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