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Gospodarstwo pasieczne Jabłońscy

Gospodarstwo pasieczne Jabłońscy
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Łąkorz 96


Our bee yard history has started since 1937. The grandad Józef has built his first hives for bees. He has given his knowledge and experience from generation to generation. Since then we started our new adventure with beekeeping. At present our beekeeping has stationery and moving apiaries. That’s why we have got many kinds of honey, like honeydew and flowery. In one of the apiaries there is a special place for apitherapy. It consist ten bees famielies and their hives are built in a special way. Whole hives create a house which is used for natural and healthy theraphy. You don’t have to be afraid of being sting because all the bees entrances are outside the house walls. The natural essence of honey is kept inside which stimulates your body and mind. Our hives are handmade and built of our natural sources: oak wood and pine wood. It is similar to their natural environment .


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