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Gospodarstwo Pasieczne „Noteckie Miody”

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne „Noteckie Miody”

Biezdrowo 48a


“Noteckie Miody” is a modern family beekeeping farm involved in collecting, packing and selling honey and bee products. The apiary is located on the edge of a huge forest complex of the Notecka Forest in the western Wielkopolska Region. Over 300 bee colonies live at the farm in modern wooden Wielkopolska-type beehives. Since its beginning, the “Noteckie Miody” Beekeeping Farm is geared to collecting honey, which is facilitated by prevailing natural conditions, a high level of afforestation, lack of industry, pure and healthy air, as well as the landscape and natural values of the region. The farm provides customers with only the highest quality bee products, coming from the pristine corners of the region. Honey and other bee products are collected and packed in a new beekeeping building fitted with modern stainless steel equipment, such as honey extractors, strainers, dispensers, tanks, meeting all hygiene and sanitary conditions. Notecki honey collected with old traditional methods and packed, so as not to lose anything valuable, is appreciated by gourmets.


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