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Gospodarstwo Pasieczne „Miody Szlaku Piastowskiego”

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne „Miody Szlaku Piastowskiego”


ul. Witosa 16


The Patalas family has been involved in beekeeping for two generations. Apiaries are located in the Pobiedziska Municipality (Jerzyn, Wronczyn and Kołatka), on the edge of the Zielonka Forest which abounds in a variety of vegetation, deciduous and mixed forests, as well as honey pastures. The apiary is located in the area where the Piast dynasty had its beginnings, hence the name, i.e. “Miody Szlaku Piastowskiego”. The beekeeping production combines a traditional approach to breeding with the modernity of collecting and packing honey. Special acid-resistant tools are used in contacts with honey, which ensure high quality of the product produced by bees. The apiary offers the following kinds of honey: lime, rape, multi-flower and buckwheat.


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