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Gospodarstwo Pasieczne "Zdrowie Smakuje"

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne "Zdrowie Smakuje"
Lower Silesia



Our honey farm consists of three permanent bee yards: 1. “Akacjowa” – situated close to the village of Tworzyjanów. It consists of 20 Warsaw-type extended beehives and 15 Dadant beehives. The area provides abundant acacia and multiflorous nectar flow. 2. “Wojnarówka” – located next to the village of Wojnarowice. It consists of 20 Dadant beehives. In this location blackthorn, willow, rape and linden comprise the dominant nectar flow. 3. “Radunia” – beautifully situated in the forest area at the foot of Radunia mountain. It is our farm’s leading bee yard. Within the reach of honeybees lies “Łąka Sulistrowicka” which is a unique nature reserve. It consists of 20 Dadant beehives made of solid linden wood. The bee yard is now undergoing proceedings to become a certified ecological apiary. In this place it is also possible to gain knowledge on the life of honeybees as well as bee’s products and experience some apitherapy treatments. Forest and meadow multiflorous as well as honeydew nectar flow dominates in this location.


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