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Gospodarstwo pasieczne "PASIEKA DĘBOWA

Gospodarstwo pasieczne "PASIEKA DĘBOWA


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Honey, honey, sweet and healthy ... Our family-owned company engaged in honey bees and what they can give to man. Here you will find, of course, honey, even a lot of honey, propolis, beeswax candles and many other wonderful things. We have a traditional honey, but his passion cremated created a unique honey with spices, honey with fruit, honey and almonds in a balsamic honey. We produced over one hundred, including dozens of flavors of honey, most of which can be purchased only with us, because we invented them. Produce a high quality propolis ointment with a high concentration, Perga candles, take on individual challenges, because the passion pushes us to overcome new and difficult challenges ... No wonder that you still find new products, innovative technologies dominate and connect them with a good tradition. Our motto is "sweetened, do no harm" and whether we have succeeded you can check for yourself: you are welcome!


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