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Gospodarstwo pasieczne "Kraina Miodu"

Gospodarstwo pasieczne "Kraina Miodu"
Warmia Mazury Powisle

733 628 288

ul. Na Ostrowiu 20


“THE LAND OF HONEY” beekeeping farm is located near a beautiful town Reszel surrounding by the fields and forests. The apiary is situated in the area of old manor park with the linden alley. This beekeeping farm is stationary and uses the wealth of local vegetation. We acquire local delicate rape honey, mild polyfloral honey and due to the old trees of linden alley precious lime honey. In our offer we have pollen, propolis and beeswax. All the products from our farm are moved to Mrągowo where they are prepared for selling. The knowledge gained in the Secondary Technical School of Agriculture in Pszczela Wola let us connect the tradition with industry. Honey is made from passion for bees and will satisfy demanding palates of our clients.


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