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Gospodarstwo ogrodnicze Joanna Walkiewicz

Gospodarstwo ogrodnicze Joanna Walkiewicz
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Frygnowo 64


The gardening farm is located in the village of Frygnowo at the edge of the Dylewskie Hills Landscape Park and near the Grunwald fields. The farm belongs to the organic farming system. The main activity of the farm is the production of ground vegetables: cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, leeks, tomatoes and strawberries. Strawberries are available from May to September thanks to cultivation under covers. The farm expands its vegetable offer from year to year. In addition, dairy goats and 'kamienieckie' sheeps are included in the genetic resources on the farm. Animals graze on organic meadows at the farm. Gardening Farm Joanna Walkiewicz in its offer has: - STRAWBERRIES- varieties Honeya, Rumba, Magnum, Albion (ground, covers) from May to September, - CUCUMBERS - varieties Śremianin, Atomic, - COURGETTES - Rhodos variety, - PUMPKINS- Muscat de Provace, Bambino, Butterut, Alladin, - LEAK, - TOMATOES - Kmicic, Baron, Raspberry, - GOAT MILK. The farm has all stages of vegetable production (from seedling to sale). Vegetables and strawberries in the season are delivered to nearby hotels, restaurants and agritourism eg. Hotel dr. Irena Eris, Austeria, a Restaurant Z zielonym Piecem, Stara Szkoła Wysoka Wieś and Olsztyn wholesalers. The sale also takes place directly from the farm to individual customers.


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