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Niezwojowice 23


When willing to rest away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to taste dishes made of natural ingredients only and to find out what Polish hospitality is, then "Pszczółki" Ecological Farm is the right place for you to visit. Here in Niezwojowice, you will feel the unique taste of goose or apple pie and you will find out the healing power of linden tea. You will not find boredom also in studying history of the place. The Racławice Battle story is presented on special model for you. You will also be warmly welcomed by the farm’s host Janusz Król wearing the costume of the peasant soldier. At the farm you can take on the chef’s role. Under supervision of Danuta and Agnieszka Król you will make delicious crescent rolls the farm is famous of. Here you will taste other unique meals such as: roast goose in cabbage with apples and prunes, prunes or pear in home made syrup , wholemeal bread and delicious apple pie. A walk around the farm after trying all goodies is a must! Here you will rest in a beautiful orchard. The next stop is the apiary and the beekeeper's house with many attractions too. Welcome to the Pszczółki Farm


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