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Gospodarstwo Ekologiczne "Bukiet Smaków" Elżbieta i Maciej Jabłońscy

Gospodarstwo Ekologiczne "Bukiet Smaków" Elżbieta i Maciej Jabłońscy

(+48) 0 22 798 19 60; (+48) 0 509 878 518

ul. Grzybowa 36


We`re running a small, family-type, certified, organic farm. For the last 25 years we have been growing selected, rare vegetables, herbs and berries. Our farm is located some 25 kilometers south of Warsaw, driving from the Polish capital in the direction of Katowice (national road #8.) As far as herbs, we are growing several types of mint (apple, spearmint, peppermint, variegated, "Bergamota", Morrocan), basil ("Genovese", "Napoletano", "Thai Queen", "Thai Magic", Greek bush basil, dark opal, lemon, lime and cinnamon basil), big leaf culinary sage, chervil, coriander (leafy Mexican "cilantro" type), rosemary and many other fresh herbs. Each year we grow a broad range of Oriental, Mediterranean and Latin American vegetables, for instance: mustard spinach, rucola (arugula, rocket, roquette), watercress, land cress, lamb`s lettuce or Mexican green tomatoes "tomatillio." We begin harvesting our products in early March with cold weather items such as Claytonia (winter portulaca, miner`s lettuce) and continue through the spring, the summer into late autumn (weather permitting) extending our season into late November. Our herbs and vegetables are growing mostly in cold poly-tunnels after indoor head start. We don`t use any chemical fertilizers nor pesticides. Our strict standards are being constantly monitored by a certifying government agency. We deliver our fresh products - directly - to renowned Warsaw hotels and restaurants such as: Sheraton, Hyatt International, Veltsin, Compagnia Del Sole, Giancarlo or Chianti. In addition we`re supplying selected organic food stores in Warsaw and it`s suburbs. Our products can be found in some stores and restaurants in cities such as Wroclaw, Poznan or Krakow.


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