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Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne Kalina

Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne Kalina


Komorze 5A


Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Kalina" was founded in 2005, is located on the beautiful Komorze lake, among forests in the Drawski Landscape Park. There are rooms for 2, 3 and 4 persons with bathrooms of a higher standard, a dining room and a living room with a fireplace and TV. At the guest house there is a beautiful garden, through which flows a brook with crystal clear water. There is also a place for fun and bonfire. The own vegetable garden is run. Healthy food is the basis of nutrition for guests of the guest house. Traditional products are listed on the List of Traditional Products, among others: Koprzywieński bread, Drahim honey, smoked vendetta, Kołobrzeska cucumber and Świdwi sausages. Kuchnia Gospodarstwo Agroturystycznego "Kalina" is associated with the culinary traditions of Western Pomerania, and dishes served to guests are prepared on the basis of traditional and regional products.


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