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Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne „Skowronki” Karina Fuglińska

Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne „Skowronki” Karina Fuglińska
Lower Silesia


Radochów 144


Agrotouristic Farm "Skowronki" ("Larks") is one of the most beautifully situated farms in the Valley of the White Ladecka. On the perfect place to enjoy include: wide view, lots of space, proximity to the forest, quiet, homely atmosphere, the friendliness of the hosts and traditional cuisine. Guests can enjoy traditional dishes, inscribed on the List of Traditional Products: Silesian sky, Silesian crumble cake, begle, as well as local products: fruit jams from their own crops, roast Lądecka, mincemeat with buttermilk, gingerbread "Legnica bomb". Farm is certified organic farming.


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