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Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne „Dworek Dębówko”

Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne „Dworek Dębówko”


Dębówko 1


Dębówko Manor is a manor-park complex. It’s located one kilometer southeast of Bartoszyce, near the road to Ketrzyn. We care about the quality of raw materials and refined traditional Polish recipe. We are proud of our ingredients from our garden, wines and liqueurs as well as meat prepared with venison and meat dishes based on original recipes. We specialize in excellent soups: Warmia potato’s soup, borderland soup, pates made with venison, veal, poultry and delicious tincture of linden blossom, mint and grapes harvested at dawn. We particularly invite for dumplings of Countess Tyszkiewicz, rosettes of smoked salmon given in farmhouse cream and caviar.

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