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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Wojciechówka"

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Wojciechówka"


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The main production profile of this agricultural farm, with an area of 28 ha (8 ha of which is covered with forests), includes pickled asparagus grown by this family for generations. The asparagus pickling process resembles cucumber pickling, with the addition of blackberry leaf (with a high content of vitamin C) and oak leaf (with firmness-preserving features). When pickled, the asparagus shows enhanced properties and forms a perfect combination with, e.g., pork roulade. It is also a delicious snack when consumed with beer. In August 2009, the pickled asparagus produced by the Walkowiak family won the first prize in the Competition entitled Our Culinary Heritage – Regional Tastes. It is also included in the List of Traditional Products maintained by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The agricultural farm welcomes its guests with the opportunity to benefit from local fishing ponds (“the Milickie Ponds”), innumerable cycling lanes (“the Honey Cycling Path”), walking paths, and horse trails, combined with the inimitable taste of dishes served by the agricultural farm, derived from native traditions and based on the home-bred rabbits, goats, green-legged hens, pheasants and fish from the farm-owned pond.


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