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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Ranczo w Dolinie Odry"

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Ranczo w Dolinie Odry"


Przewóz, ul.Krótka 2


Ranczo w Dolinie Odry (Ranch in the Oder Valley) is an agroturism farm located in a small village Przewóz. The farm is open all year round and from spring to autumn guests are welcome. We offer our guests full board accommodation. Horses are our main attraction. We organize horse–drawn carriage and horse riding through the Odra River Trail and inter-field roads. In winter we organize sleigh rides. We have a small zoo in our farm. We serve tasty regional foods from raw sources produced in our farm. In our farm you can try two traditional dishes germuszka (soup made of bread, eggs, salt, caraway, butter, dried fruits) and ścierka (dish made of eggs, flour, milk). Those two dishes are listed on the List of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


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