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Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne "Pod Lipami"

Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne "Pod Lipami"

58/ 676-39-32

Gościęcino 3


- Traditional farm - A historic mansion from 1798, surrounded by a beautiful park, away from the village 200 m - Pets on the farm - Home cooking based on proprietary products - Quiet area, fresh air - The possibility of fishing on the spot - 100 m to the forest-rich fleece (mushrooms, berries, raspberries) - The possibility of active recreation (biking, walking) - The opportunity to participate in the farm job (animal handling, field work) - Nice, joint meetings at the fire with your hosts - Home-like atmosphere We have 5 rooms with bathrooms. Rooms are equipped with radio. Generally we have 19 beds. The property is situated in a quiet and peaceful location 18 km from the sea. Guests: dinning room, fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, playground, playground, table tennis, bike rental, a place on the grill, fireplace, and parking. We accept pets. Bicycles and fishing free of charge. Information about the place: Choczewo is a seaside community located on the Coastland Kaszubskie - from Leba - Karwia. The main advantage here is clear, rich in iodine, sea air, beautiful beaches, and a large number of forest rich in forest undergrowth. In the municipality there are two attractive lakes. Choczewskie- first class water purity, charmingly situated among forests, with several dostęnych beaches. Kopalińskie lake is famous for its wealth of fish, and on the edge works well equipped campsite. Another attraction and pride of the community is a lighthouse in Stilo. In the municipality there is a dense network of old mansions surrounded by old and interesting vegetation of the park. There is also a unique nature reserve "Choczewskie yews." Tourists can enjoy here with a very rich and variously decorated accommodation. The municipality is covered with a network of lodgings. You can also relax actively traversing the bike paths or ride on horseback or carriage ride. Eager to rest here are guaranteed peace and the possibility of environmental education and historical. Rested not only in summer but also throughout the year!


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