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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Karczma Kaliska"

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Karczma Kaliska"


Szadek 44


In “Karczma Kaliska” agritourism farm, visitors can taste home-made preserves - the family tradition of which dates several generations back. For preserves, the farm uses fruits and vegetables from its own orchard and garden, where they are grown without chemicals and artificial fertilisers. Among the farm products are plum spread, jams, cherry, raspberry, wild plum and elder liqueurs, pears in syrup, pickled gherkins, juices and forest fruits gathered in the nearby forest. The farm is famous for its “Kaliski gift basket” – a basket of traditional farm’s products, among which are local butcher’s smoked meats, made according to natural methods and traditional recipes. The farm also cultivates the culinary traditions of the region. It has a collection of old machines and equipment serving for production of food, a bread oven, a wooden inn and a gentry farmstead – place of meetings and cultivating old professions and crafts. The farm often organises culinary events and carries out educational activity for children and youth.


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