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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Dworek Staropolski"

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Dworek Staropolski"


Niziny 159


The name of our place MŁYŃCZYSKA is related with the 150-year old water mill. The mill was the beginning of our small hamlet. Nowadays we have created in the mill building the herbs exhibition and museum of agricultural machinery and original old mill equipment. Our house at MŁYŃCZYSKA - was built at the end of XX century in the style of a Polish manor house. We put a lot of work, ideas and heart to create this house and we hope that you will enjoy our place. We offer the high - standard accommodation in the 5 comfortable, well-furnished double rooms. At the guests disposal are also: the dining-room, the living room, the kitchen, the huge hall, three toilets and a garage. Most of things such as lamps, furniture, glass that you can find in our house are over 70 years old. We are fond of collecting old house equipment. But for your wellbeing not only the standard of accommodation is important but the atmosphere in the house. Old polish manor-houses were famous across Europe for their hospitality and openness. We are trying to cultivate the tradition of hospitality and we will do our best to make our guests feel at home. At Młyńczyska you will have a great opportunity to try our home cuisine. The house is surrounded by a 7-hectare piece of land in very natural condition. The house is situated in the middle of the pine forests and meadows full of rare birds, animals, herbs and wild mushrooms. There is a small river flowing through ou yard and there are also a few ponds where we grow fish like carps, trouts, sturgeons, and many other species. There is a possibility of fishing. Prizes We are the prize-winner of the National Competition "Green Summer of 2003" - distinction granted by the Ministry of Environment as well as the national competition of regional food “Our Culinary Heritage” for the dish called "Western Sturgeon" It is the perfect place to relax in quiet and close to the nature but you can not be bored at our manor.


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