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Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne "AGROMARGOT"

Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne "AGROMARGOT"
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Olsztyńska 20


We invite you for a delicious stay in a beautiful, summer resort - Wilkasy. We have cottages with a full bathroom. Guests can use a sauna, fireplace, roofed grill. However, our greatest asset is the Regional Cuisine, where we prepare the dishes in a traditional way. A unique form of feasting is "Tasting Masuria: During a few hours spent at the table in a climatic place - inside the old galleon - we tell guests about the traditions and customs of Masurian cuisine serving such dishes as: eel broth, baby bag, pike dumplings, kartacze, stuffing We also give a taste of regional beer or tea with Masurian preserves. We also sell regional products beautifully packaged, which are great for souvenirs from Mazur, for example, fish in marinade, curd cheese, jam (e.g. from wild strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, dogwood or barberry).


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