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Gospoda Pod Rozbrykanym Kucem

Gospoda Pod Rozbrykanym Kucem


Hermanów 1


This Inn offers its guests a diverse menu, comprising an array of the Old Polish cuisine dishes, prepared according to regional recipes passed from generation to generation. You can taste, among other delicacies, Wielkopolska chicken soup (in Polish referred to as rosół), Old Polish sour rye soup - czernina soup (in English duck’s blood soup), pierogi gołąbki (a traditional dish made of cabbage stuffed with rice and meat), roast duck with apples, roast wild boar, grey noodles, and Wielkopolska processed meat. The Inn also promotes the traditional cuisine among children and young people. The owners of the Inn also run the Folwark Konny Hermanów Agricultural Farm, which in 2005 won the Competition for the Best Rural Tourism Facility in Wielkopolska. The Folwark features horse-racing competitions of local, regional and national rank, as well as horse riding, jumping and driving courses.


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