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Gospoda Pazibroda

Gospoda Pazibroda


Chrzanowo 2


The Pazibroda Inn maintained in Old Polish style would like to invite you for many delicious home meals, prepared according to our grandmother`s recipes. We welcome our guests with a village, baked rye bread with lard and pickles, home-made cured meat and marinades. We recommend our refreshing juniper beer, prepared from juniper and hope cones. Our chef`s specialties of course include the "pazibroda soup", the "pazibroda pancake" and piglet smoked in our own smokehouse. The inn boasts a magnificent garden with a playground and a springboard for children, as well as a place for the campfire and a grill hut. The view of the surrounding forests and meadows and calm make our inn a perfect place to relax... In the summer we organize chaise rides, barbecues, campfires and in winter sleigh rides, after which you are welcome to taste our mulled beer, wine, hot Old Polish tea and bigos. On cooler evenings you will warm up by the fireplace and the heat from a century-old tiled stove. Our inn is a perfect place for family dinners, receptions, weddings, conferences and integrative meetings. Original interior decorations create a unique atmosphere; tasty Old Polish dishes won`t let you forget the Pazibroda Inn for a long time. We provide rooms.


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