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Gospoda Herbu Korab

Gospoda Herbu Korab


ul. Kwiatowa, 29


The "Gospoda Herbu Korab" restaurant was established in 2008. I am on Gumieńce - the old district of Szczecin. Restaurant? Maybe too loudly said, something between a restaurant and a tavern, just a house. The inn's kitchen is based on seasonal dishes, combining the old traditions of the Borderland, Old Polish and Pomeranian cuisine. The owner of the inn wants to familiarize his guests with the richness of the kitchen, in which the influence of the traditions of Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Russian flavors was mixed up. The tavern cuisine also includes Jewish, Armenian Caucasian and family-run grandmothers from the head of the inn - Prussian. The head of the inn uses the years gathered, recipes and culinary notes of his mother and grandmothers as well as old recipes of the West Pomeranian region cuisine. However, all the dishes prepared in the inn bear the author's footprint, contain personal culinary inspirations and his imagination of taste. Kuchnia Gospody Herbu Korab is created from a passion for tradition. The intention of the owner is to cultivate the culinary customs of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, combine them with the old cuisine of the region, as well as create a very young regional cuisine in the western territories. All dishes produced in the inn are prepared by hand, based on the highest quality of raw materials obtained from local entrepreneurs with the use of only natural additives.


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