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Goldbergs Kochschule

Goldbergs Kochschule


Marie-Curie Strasse 1


Goldberg's cooking school at the Soho Hotel Landau The show kitchen of Goldberg's cooking school is located in the Hotel Soho in Landau, where we have already made a name for ourselves over the past ten years. Joy through cooking is our credo. We, that is Matthias Goldberg and sons Max and Benedikt, who divide our workshops according to subject matter for groups of eight participants or more. We are firmly convinced that eating is more than a meal, it is passion, emotion and culture. One should take time for the important things in life, in our cooking classes we combine pleasure, handicraft and the tradition of good taste! Unexperienced cooks, as well as advanced gourmets are invited to refine their cooking skills through the topics offered and to expand or deepen their knowledge. The selection of the right ingredients, the feeling for an interplay of flavors and creating culinary highlights are what our courses focus on. In our themed classes, we deal with the basics of cooking, various techniques, but also the associated awareness of aroma combinations, quality, seasonality and simply delicious food. For example, for our Wild und Jägerlatein (cooking game the right way -) workshop the meat is shot by our hunters Hans & Valentin Rebholz in the Palatinate Forest. They own the Rebholz winery, where we buy our wines from too. The entire preparation and cooking of the game happens under the guidance of master chef Matthias Goldberg during several courses, before the class gathered around the table to eat and enjoy the delicious meal. That red thread runs through all our menus. The chicken for the Quick & Easy cooking classes with Benedikt Goldberg comes from Mr. Schwager from Herzheim, the fish for the Asia workshops, under the patronage of Max Goldberg, is bred by Dominik Hans from Eußertal. The raw materials for the class The perfect meat and sauce come from the local butcher Weisbrod and the Ochsenschläger farm. Of course the vegetarian cooking course, for example, is done with local fruits and vegetables. And for those who can not decide on any special topic, we still have the Chef-Class, the Culinary World Trip or a Kitchen party with front cooking .... Our entire offer in its variety of workshops can be found in detail with description, dates and registration on our website Welcome at Goldbergs Cooking School


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