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Lower Silesia

733 878 727

ul. Daszyńskiego 45


Out of respect for our clients, customers and ourselves we make sure that our products are of the highest quality. Because: - halvah linen from company GJ-Gacjana is a product of "raw", not heat-treated, so that all components used in the production process retain their properties; - Our products are made by hand in the care of the highest hygiene; - We make sure that the time of manufacture and packaging of the product until hitting into the hands of the customer as short as possible, so that everyone can enjoy the freshness, taste values, health and nutritional halva linen GJ- Gacjana. Halva linen company GJ-Gacjana combines two characteristics: taste and health. It is a product, after which you can reach the bustling day, satisfy hunger, to feel good savoring the taste, knowing that the same beneficial effect on your body, providing him omega3 acids, vitamins, flavonoids. It is necessary to add that halvah linen is the product of gluten-free and remember that it is the product of RAW.


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