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Ul. Puławska 91


My family practiced arboriculture for generations. In 2013, knowing well the attributes of the NFC (not from concentrate) apple juice and itss perfection, I decided to create a company specializing in its production. Fruits used in production are acquired from the company’s own orchard and also from other apple producers, affiliated with the „Jabłka Grójeckie” group. These apples are registered in the EU as a product protected by geographical indication (PGI). The apples, thanks to the unique microclimate characteristic for Grójec and its surrounding, have a more intense color, heightened acidity, which makes the taste more intensive, and a heightened concentration of antioxidants. Our juice does not contain additions such as artificial coloring, preservatives or sweeteners, it is not diluted by adding water and, at the same time, has high concentrations of pectin and polyphenols, extremely important in a healthy diet. After pressing, the juice is subject to pasteurization and poured while still hot into „bag in the box” containers. Our boxes have unique and elegant visuals. Additionally, they are devised in a way to make storage easier, both in a home refrigerator and on shop shelves. The production process (performed in the state of the art compound in Lisew) is monitored in every phase of production to ensure the highest quality for our customers, for which I take personal responsibility by signing the product with my own name. Adam Gabler is an extremely flexible company, which values the needs and suggestions of its customers.


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