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Gården på Svartskog

Gården på Svartskog


Roald Amundsens vei 115


At the medieval farm Southern Oppegård in the middle of Svartskog protected landscape area, Hilde and Kristin Hammer Aukrust are running meat production with an uncompromising focus on animal welfare and quality. Old Norwegian wildsheep, Dextercows, Hampshire - and Mangalitsapigs graze on large areas, and have the opportunity to go outside all year round. Sheep and cows are fed up on organic roughage made on the farm. The pigs are fed with nuts and bread, as well as grass, roots, tubers and other fodder they find out in the pastures. All meat from the farm is sold directly to restaurants and private clients, and something we appreciate is when the cooks and chefs take the time to get out on the farm to greet the "ingredients".

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