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Fundacja Hodowców Polskiej Białej Gęsi

Fundacja Hodowców Polskiej Białej Gęsi
Kujawe i Pomorze

52 335 78 95

Wróble 37


Foundation for Polish White Goose Breeders was founded in February 2012. The main purpose of its activities is to promote environmentally friendly farming geese in order to achieve a healthy, valuable meat and fat, and promotion of down and feathers of white geese (harvested after slaughter). The Foundation promotes breeding geese in natural, ecological conditions in flocks of up to 100 pieces, fed the farm fodder and grazing freely in the pastures and meadows. He runs a series of cooking workshops aimed at processing the individual elements goose in order to promote values \u200b\u200bof local products and popularize regional dishes and traditional. The Foundation promotes Polish goose, as a healthy, safe meat and raw material for the preparation of tasty dishes as well as restore the dying tradition of eating goose.


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