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Fuglesang Haveparadis

Fuglesang Haveparadis


Korshøje 5, Ibsker


2 km outside Svaneke overlooking the Baltic Sea and ChristiansØ Island you will find Fuglesang. Fuglsang is an 11,000 square meter English / oriental inspired garden. It is a farm, where we (Else-Marie and Sven Erik) has built a garden from scratch. The garden is divided into smaller sections and it's all tied together by a 63-meter pergola leading to the garden center. The common denominator is roses, of which there are more than 400 different sorts. In the garden, designed by Else-Marie, there are also many different lilacs, crabapples, mountain ash, hundreds of lilies, large beds of perennials and many rare trees and shrubs. You are very welcome to enjoy your own lunch or coffee in the garden, but the dog must stay outside.

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