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Frank John Das Hirschhorner Weinkontor

Frank John Das Hirschhorner Weinkontor


Hirschhornring 34


In 2002 we bought the Hirschhorner Hof, a former tithe farm. With meticulous attention to detail, strength and endurance, we renovated the 400-year old Renaissance building with its impressive cross vault. Thus, the estate now shines in new splendor. Since 2003, our small family winery has its home here at the Hirschhorner Hof. Together with our two children Sebastian and Dorothea we make Great wines of the old school. Philosophy: Inspired by the work with traditional cultivation methods and processing techniques, we are able to produce wines of elegance and finesse with great balance between mineral, intensity and a rich body. For this it is essential that only the best, hand-picked grapes from biodynamic cultivation are used. Often this requires several harvest moments. Minimalistic work in the cellars and a long ageing period in wooden barrels lead to wholesome and balanced wines of great aging potential. Ecology: Since the start of our winery, we use only grapes from biodynamic cultivation. With our Riesling 2006 and Pinot Noir 2005, we have obtained the Naturland certification. Since 2012 we are DEMETER - certified. We are also Slow Food sponsors. Apartments: In the Belle Etage of our vineyard, we offer a comfortable, spacious apartment for your vacation here in Pfalz. Welcome! Frank John & family


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