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Fitness Natura Polska

Fitness Natura Polska
Warmia Mazury Powisle

Sosnowa 6


Fitness Nature Company was created for people who appreciate healthy and the highest quality natural products. Years of experience related to the health food and dietetics give you a guarantee of the highest quality products. Seeds are carefully selected and properly stored. The main activity of the Fitness Nature Company is the production of linseed and rapeseed oil. Our oils are distinguished from those commonly available on the market that they are cold pressed at 30 degrees using traditional method and are not fi ltered or refi ned, so you retain all the nutrients, including fatty acids. To meet the expectations of our customers, Fitness Nature also deals with the packaging of the basic components of the daily diet, among others, such things as millet, not roasted buckwheat, golden fl ax seed, bee pollen and many other healthy and natural products.


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