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FHU Ziemniakowelove

FHU Ziemniakowelove


ul. Kazimierza Przerwy-Tetmajera 1


There is a place in Stargard whose owners have a love for potatoes. You get the impression that they know everything about them. Here, tradition mixes with modernity, and everything is inspired by years of culinary experience. "Ziemniakowelove" is a place created for love for potatoes and passion for cooking. This is the place where the owner cooks for his guests. As intended, the restaurant offers potato-based dishes. The specialty of the restaurant is potatoes baked in a wood-burning oven. Meals are created mostly on the basis of regional products. Promoting regional delicacies, the culinary travels of potato both in Poland and in more distant corners of the world are a surprise. In "Ziemniakowelove" there is a constant love for food and cooking, and culinary proposals change regularly, each time surprising guests. The owners are faithful to the idea of slow food. Taking care of the high standard of the offered dishes, as well as supporting local producers, the raw materials used to prepare the dishes come mainly from fields of small farms and from local craftsmen.


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