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Felloni Spekehus AS

Felloni Spekehus AS

32 69 99 60

Jernbanegata 12A


Felloni Spekehus is a small producer of cured meat products and we have from the start been very concerned about the quality of what we make and wanted to have our production based on traditional Italian craftsmanship. In late 2015 we opened a production facility in Årnes with a goal to produce cured meats products for food enthusiasts and those who want a true Italian dining experience. All our products are made with Norwegian produce and through our craftsmanship the cured meat get the traditional Italian flavor. In our cured products we create an exquisite balance between the degree of maturation, taste and strength. We achieve this by using our own spice mixtures, good ingredients, and custom maturation processes in which flavor develops.

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