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EP Annature

EP Annature


Feliksa Nowowiejskiego 5


The ecological farm was founded in 2012 in the beautiful place of Kashubia by Mikorowski lake, in the village of Kozy (Koze) the commune of Czarna Dąbrówka. This area belongs to the Natura 2000 Dolina Łupawy program. In the area of 15 ha, only blackcurrant Tiben and Ben Hope are grown. The planting material was purchased from an organic plantation. Since 2012, the farm has been regularly certified as an organic company. The plantation uses only organic cultivation methods, hence the certainty and guarantee of high quality of the product in terms of taste and nutritional. Black currants have special health properties. 100 g of blackcurrants cover almost 260% of the daily requirement for vitamin C. According to the recommendations of the Institute of Food and Nutrition, we should provide the body with 70 mg of ascorbic acid every day, therefore 100 g, a handful of black currants with a surplus, covers the daily demand for vitamin C .


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